Friday, 26 May 2017

illusteation for BAILA magazine (Japan)




illustration for BAILA magazine.
Drawings are for Dyson's tie-up page.
Thank you!

BAILA magazine>>

Book Cover for Micchi Tanaka (Japan)

田中みっちさんの新書「結婚につながる恋は、心とカラダが知っている 姫恋ノススメ」の装丁と内側カットを担当させて頂きました!



「結婚につながる恋は、心とカラダが知っている 姫恋ノススメ」>>

New book cover image for a Japanese author Micchi Tanaka.
The book is about how to get a happy marriage!

BOOK Link>>

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Live painting in Osaka ENDS!

final image

GW中に大阪の阪急うめだ本店で開催された、Miller Harrisの催事でのライブペインティングが無事終了いたしました。



day1. before start
day2. work in progress
day2. work in progress
day3. work in progress
day3. bottle painting

ear cuff & earring
an earring

Live painting in Osaka ends! I never done 3days painting session so I was bit nervous but actually it was fun 3days!
As you can see above managed to complete the image!!!

Also I did some bottle paintings for the customers.
Thank you very much for all the people whom came and stopped by seeing the image!

Plus please let me mention that a Japanese accessory brand RACKETS offered me a special feather earrings! So beautiful and there fore lots of people asked me about them! Thank you for the designer Yoko!!!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

LIVE PAINTING 3,4,5th May! (Osaka)

新宿伊勢丹での様子 Past performance at Isetan

明日5月3日から3日間、大阪の阪急うめだ本店2F、コトコトステージでMiller Harrisのイベントでライブペインティングを行います!

Miller Harrisとのコラボレーションとなるこのライブペインティングは今回で3回目。

新宿伊勢丹での様子 Past performance at Isetan


Miller Harris x mio.matsumoto Live painting performance
at: 阪急うめだ本店 2F コトコトステージ
date: 5月3,4,5日 
time: 11:30~19:00 (休憩により場所を離れている場合もあります)

Live painting performance will start from tomorrow for 3days.
If you are in Osaka and passing by Hankyu Umeda department store, please pop by and check out my painting!

I will also make a bottle paint for all the custamers whom bought 100ml perfume bottles.

Miller Harris x mio.matsumoto Live painting performance
at: Umeda Hankyu department store 2F KOTOKOTO stage
date: 3,4,5th May
time: 11:30~19:00 (might be away for a break)