Monday, 28 September 2015

"Here We Come" reception night is over!

9月26日(土)、無事"Here We Come"展の初日を終える事が出来ました〜。

開催日は10月3日(Sat), 4日(Sun), 10日(Sat), 11日(Sun) 12:00~19:00です。
NŌMA t.d. Store
〠150-0012 東京都渋谷区広尾3-12-4
tel. 03 6427 3696
OPEN Saturday&Sunday 12:00~19:00
NŌMA t.d.>>
☆NŌMA t.d. storeは週末のみOPENしているので、展示も週末のみの観覧となります。

10月 3日(Sat)  16:00~19:00
        4日(Sun) 16:00~19:00
      10日(Sat)  12:00~19:00
      11日(Sun) 12:00~19:00


So the first&second days of "Here We Come" are done!
At the reception, I was bit nervous... but lots of friends came to visit us which relaxed me a lot. Thank you very much for the people whom came!

So now I am announcing the time when I would be at NOMA t.d. store from this weekend.
Show is on: Oct 3rd(Sat), 4th(Sun), 10th(Sat), 11th(Sun) 12:00~19:00.

NŌMA t.d. Store
Hiroo3-12-4, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012
tel. 03 6427 3696
OPEN Saturday&Sunday 12:00~19:00
NŌMA t.d.>>
☆NŌMA t.d. store is only open on Sat&Sun so as my show! Please be careful!

And I will be at NŌMA t.d. store between these time:
Oct  3rd(Sat)   16:00~19:00
        4th(Sun)  16:00~19:00
  10th(Sat)  12:00~19:00
       11th(Sun) 12:00~19:00

Please pop by!
Hope next weekend will be sunny!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

NŌMA t.d. x Mio Matsumoto Drawing show "Here We Come" from 26th Sep~ (Japan)

とても急な告知なのですが、来週9月26日(土)から広尾にあるNŌMA t.d. storeでドローイング展を行います。

NŌMA t.d.とは数年前から毎シーズン、コレクション用の動画でコラボレーションしていて、今回の展示では今コレクション用に描いたクレヨン画を展示いたします。

NŌMA t.d. storeは週末限定のお店なので、週末だけの開催となりますが、NŌMA t.d. の素敵な洋服と私のイラストを同時に楽しんで頂ける機会だと思います。


NŌMA t.d. x Mio Matsumoto Drawing show
On: 2015年9月26日(土), 27日(日), 10月3日(土), 4日(日), 10日(土), 11日(日)
Reception Party: 9月26日(土)17:00~19:00

NŌMA t.d. store
〠150-0012 東京都渋谷区広尾3-12-4
tel: 03 6427 3696
Open Saturday and Sunday only: 12:00~19:00

NŌMA t.d.>>

Hello hello,
today I have an announcement of my show which is taking a place at NŌMA t.d. store in Hiroo from next weekend.

I have been collaborating with NŌMA t.d. for their moving images project from few years ago. This time, I am presenting new style of drawings that I made for NŌMA t.d.'s new collection.
Probably many people recognise my style as line drawings but this time, I am presenting new illustrations that are drawn by crayons.

We will have a reception party on 26th Sep between 17:00~19:00.
I hope many people visit us during the show time!

Oh! Mind you, NŌMA t.d. store opens only weekends!

NŌMA t.d. x Mio Matsumoto Drawing show
2015 Sep 26sat, 27sun & Oct 3sat, 4sun & 10sat, 11sun
Reception Party on Sep 26sat, 17:00~19:00

NŌMA t.d. store
Hiroo3-12-4 Shibuyaku Tokyo 150-0012 Japan
tel: 03 6427 3696
Open Saturday and Sunday only: 12:00~19:00

NŌMA t.d.>>

Thursday, 10 September 2015

DMOARTS Pop up store @LOFT Yurakucho No.2 (Japan)

お世話になっているLOFT有楽町店でのSHOP digmeoutのポップアップストアも残すところあと一週間です。早い!

WOLF navy print & water colour drawings

この絵は私のfairy taleシリーズからの一枚で、有名なあの話の女の子がモチーフとなっています。
WOLF pink print



有楽町ロフト ロフトマーケット
OPEN: Mon- Sat 10:30~21:30
DMOARTS Pop up store>>

There is another one week left until the DMOARTS pop up store to be end.

Fortunately, my original water colour drawings are all sold out!
I am so happy and grateful for that.

Today, I want to write a bit about my WOLF silk screen prints which I am also selling at LOFT Yurakucho. This image is from my fairy tale series and YES, the model is a famous girl :)

These prints are all hand printed by a professional printer. I was in his studio when he printed these. It was such an amazing experience to see how he mix the colours and print without mistakes! I have fine drawing lines but for him, it wasn't a matter! He printed so well!!!

One can buy these from my online store but it is a good chance to to see original prints :) If you are near by, please pop in and see the beautiful prints.
There are 3 different background colours for this print but there is only navy is on the wall so if you are interested in other colours, please ask a staff. Thank you!

☆On 12th&13th, Kaori Hirao's composite drawing badge event is held at there.

〜17th Sep Thu
LOFT Yurakucho LOFT market
OPEN: Mon- Sat 10:30~21:30
DMOARTS Pop up store>>
LOFT Yurakucho>>