Thursday, 14 August 2014

inochi 未来博2014 (Japan)



Charity T-shirts design for "inochi future expo 2014".
The expo theme is "life".
I picked up a marigold as a motif since it has the flower language "blight-ness of life".

inochi future expo 2014/T-shirts>>

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Book cover for Salad Anniversary (UK)

こちらの本は少し先となりますが、10月23日にPushkin Press社から出版されます。


Book cover drawing for "Salad Anniversary" by a Japanese poet, Machi Tawara.
This book will be published on 23rd Oct from Pushkin press, UK.
Pre order is already started from online so please check!

Salad Anniversary>>

Power Animal Phycological test (Japan)


現在VOGE JAPANのウェブサイト上でパワーアニマル診断という心理テストのページのイラストを担当させていただきました。

Vogue, Power Animal Phycological test>>

Set of illustrations for Vogue Japan Online.
It is a phycological test but unfortunately there is no English translations...
but, you can still see the images, here you go!

Vogue, Power Animal Phycological test>>

ART BASEL ART+ (Switzerland)




スイスはお知らせしていたART BASELでのイベント、ART+に参加するために行ってきました。
ART+ snaps>>
ART+ film>>

それにしてもART BASELの展示がすばらしくて、本当にそれだけでも感動。

The fun time passes so quickly…
My trip in Europe is over and back in rainy Tokyo since a week ago.
My jet lag doesn’t go away since there is World Cup… I have to fight with the sleepiness everyday…

So London was amazing with the weather! So as in Switzerland!
The sun is out everyday and people are very cheerful :)

I had a shocking accident in London but mostly I had a wonderful time in London.
Didn’t feel like I wasn’t there for almost 2 years…
It was shame that I could stay only 1.5weeks in London so I couldn’t manage to meet all my friends. Hopefully to get back there soon to catch up!

In Switzerland, I visited there for the ART BASEL’s event Art+.
It was a very rare experience for me to do something street art style! 
So here what we did.
ART+ snaps>>
ART+ film>>

Any way, the fair of ART BASEL were just AMAZING! Luckily I managed to see the main fairs, unlimited, design Miami, and 14rooms. It was such a precious time for me to spend in ART for full 4days. It would have been nice if I were tougher, I had to stop looking at them at one point… it was a looooooooooot to see!

I managed to check some of fashionable people in Basel, so would be nice to draw them once I am bit relaxed.